After-School Activities:

After school Clubs- Autumn 2019

Name of Club and Organiser Day Time Where Start Date Finish Date
Enrichment Centre – Computers need to be booked – Year 5 pupils require a written permission to stay after school in their Journals. Monday- Friday 3.00-4.00pm Enrichment Centre All year
‘The Wizard of Oz’ Performance Club (whole school) with
Ms Parsons
Tuesday 3.00-4.15pm Hall 24.09.19 07.07.20
Yrs 5/6 Cookery & Textiles Club with Mrs Nightingale Tuesday 3.00-4.30pm D2 01.10.19 07.07.20
Yr 5 Boys & Girls Football with Mr Ward Tuesday 3.00-4.10pm Field 17.09.19 07.07.20
Years 7/8 Netball Club with Miss Pullen Tuesday 3.00-4.10pm Sports Court 17.09.19 17.12.19
Year 7 Boys Rugby club with Mr Fowler Tuesday 3.00-4.10pm Field 17.09.19 17.12.19
Year 8 Boys Rugby Club with Mr Uren Tuesday 3.00-4.10pm Field 17.09.19 17.12.19
Film Club with Ms Evans-Bentley Wednesday 3.15-4.45pm 5O 11.09.19 08.07.09
Yrs 7/8 Girls Hockey Club with Miss Barnes Wednesday 3.00-4.10pm Field 18.09.19 18.12.19
Shakespeare Club with Mrs Pinches (everybody welcome!) Thursday 3.00-4.00pm Drama Studio/ MU1 Dates to follow shortly
Yrs 5/6 Boys & Girls Netball Club with Miss Pullen Thursday 3.00-4.10pm Sports Court 19.09.19 24.10.19
Yrs 5/6 Maypole Club with Ms Evans-Bentley Thursday 3.15-4.15pm Hall 19.09.19 07.05.19
Pokemon Club for all pupils with Mr Ward Thursday 3.00-4.00pm 5R 19.09.19 09.07.20
Dungeons & Dragons Club for Year 5 with Mr Ward Friday 3.00-4.00pm 5R 20.07.19 10.07.20
Yr 6 Boys & Girls Football with Mr Harris Friday 3.00-4.10pm Field 20.09.19 10.07.20

Key Stage 2 Homework Clubs:          Mon, Tues and Wed 3.00-4.00pm. Year 5 in 5N , Year 6 in 6A.  Starting 23.9.19. 

Key Stage 3 Homework Clubs:          Mon, and Thur 3.00-4.00pm in C1 – see Mrs Handford or Ms Stewart.  Starting 12.09.19.


Application letters/permission slips can be completed on ParentPay by selecting ‘Pay for other items’ and clicking on the name of the club to go to the consent section.

Paper copies can be obtained from the Academy office or downloaded from our website. 

In accordance with our Safeguarding Policy, please ensure club leaders are informed, if for any reason your child is unable to attend a club or moves to another club.

Please assume your child has a place at their club unless you hear differently.