Parents information sessions

Throughout the academic year 2018/19, Oakfield Academy will be hosting a series of Parent Information Sessions which we hope will prove useful and informative and will cover a range of topics throughout the year.  The topics of the sessions have been chosen to reflect what parents have told us they would find beneficial in supporting children with their academic, social and emotional development and will take place roughly once every term during the course of the year. The sessions are open to all and we are always looking for ideas on topics for future sessions. If you have any suggestions, please email the Academy Reception.

We will keep this page updated with links, resources and downloads relevant to sessions that have already taken place, as well as dates, times and information on future sessions.

Session 3 – Wednesday 13th March 2019 from 3pm for Year 6,7 & 8 parents.

The topic of this session will be on using ‘Kooth’ (Xenzone) – a free, safe and anonymous online support for young people aged 11-18. It will be hosted by Jayne Archer, who last year delivered an assembly to KS3 children, on how to use this new tool. She will be in earlier on this day to repeat the assembly to the current Year 7 cohort and any children new to Year 8.  Having someone to talk to about our worries and anxieties, whoever that may be, is a great starting point for the preventon and reduction of possible future problems or mental ill-health.

Session 2 – Wednesday 27th February 2019 from 6.30 to 8pm for Year 5 & Year 6 Parents

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Parents Information session 2- SATS

Session 1 – Thursday 13th December 2018

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Parents information session 1- online gaming



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