Year 7 & Year 8 Charterhouse Trip

We began our trip by doing a 12 mile walk on the Mendip Hills. It was extremely challenging but it gave us a chance to talk to our friends and teachers, whilst appreciating the beauty. When we reached Charterhouse we took part in lots of team-building exercises, and a fun game called ‘capture the flag’. After a good night’s sleep, we formed groups and went caving, which many people found challenging, but we all felt like we’d achieved something. We also did archery and rocket building. On the last day we did orienteering, climbing and abseiling. For some this was a difficult and scary experience but we found it very enjoyable and it was nice to try something new. Overall we found it an awesome experience and a chance to bond with other pupils and teachers. We’d like to thank all the teachers for giving up their personal time to come on the trip and making such a huge effort to make it as brilliant as possible.”

Maisie Smith (8A), Kate O’Connor (8O) and Sabrina Roberts (8A).