Year 5 Poetry Slam results

On Wednesday 12th July Oakfield held their poetry Slam Final. Year 5 pupils had worked extremely hard during lessons and at home  to create a poem ready to perform to an audience. The first round was held in their Literacy groups, where teachers chose 3 winners from each group. The Semi- Finals were in front of the whole of year 5 in the hall and 11 pupils were chosen to attend and perform in front of parents, families and our judging panel Miss Wilkes, Tim Cutting, Mrs O’Shea and Karin from Hunting Raven. We were really impressed with all the performances and the judges had such a difficult decision to make. First place was given to Jamie O’Connor; In second place,  Maya Uttley and 3rd place was awarded to Edie Ray. Well done to all those who participated and made it to the final. We look forward to holding next year’s  Poetry slam!

A poetic response from Karin:- Scott you did it! Then Maya guzzled it! Jack had all the numbers!

Mia’s got a sister- Oliver Spotted the clouds, Tom is mad about football, And Tamlin warned us well…

Edie and Jamie tempted us with exploding golden sherbets, And Josh took us to the lake.

Each and everyone make no mistake- You are the best that can be ! MRS HORNBY