Well Done Onni – chess master in the making!

Onni, in Year 5, attends a specialist chess club and enters competitive tournaments with other strong players to keep improving. He recently won the club shield for the Delancey Schools Tournament, which is held in schools all over the country and was unbeaten in all of his 7 games. During the Tournament Onni scored the maximum number of points, making him the winner ahead of the other members, who are from years 5, 6 and 7. He now qualifies for the next county-level round, the Megafinal, which is held in May at Millfield school for anyone from a Somerset school who has done well in their school tournament. Last year he qualified for the next round after that, the Gigafinal, which is for the whole of Southern England, so we are hoping he can repeat that success in May.

From Sally Somers (external chess club leader)