Water Aid – Fundraising

Congratulations to Molly Lakin, Sophie Wheeler and Ruby Seviour from 6O

“On Saturday 10th September, we completed a huge bike ride to raise money for Water Aid. We are proud to say that we raised over £160.00. We left Frome and went to Egford, going down a super steep hill. Next, we travelled up hill to Great Elm, it was incredibly hard but we managed to get to the top. We were really happy, even though our legs were aching. Next it was down another hill into Mells, where we stopped for a drink. After, it was back on our bikes, and cycling along a flat road into Whatley. In the distance we could see an enormous hill, which we pushed hard and managed to climb. Finally we cruised into the village of Nunney, where we had a rest at the castle. We all felt so tired, but we had the best time ever”.