Visit to Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium- Football trip

On Saturday 14th May we all met in the school hall at 9.40am and everyone was so excited. We were really loud when Miss Pullen took the register, then we split into our groups. At exactly 10oclock we were off. It was a long journey on the coach but it was definitely worth it. When we got there everyone was pumped and ready for the big game! I saw the Wembley arch straight away. It was so high up it was insane. When we had all taken our seats the game started. The atmosphere was incredible. Soon the first goal was scored by Danielle Carter of Arsenal. It was then announced that it was a record attendance for a Women’s FA Cup Final. When it got closer to the end of the game everyone became nervous, not knowing who was going to win. As soon as the final whistle was blown the stadium erupted with emotion. The Arsenal fans were so happy, it really was the best experience. Ten minutes later the Arsenal players climbed the steps and the stadium became quiet until the trophy was lifted by the captain and then the noise was deafening. We eventually got back to the coach and everyone was tired. It took us a while to get out of London and back home. It was a fantastic day.” JAMES CURTIS from Class 7A