Vertical Learning Day!

Oakfield pupils enjoy the opportunity to work with pupils from all year groups as part of a Vertical Learning Day. Our October 2013 session focused on the issues around racism.

I would like to congratulate all of those people associated with our vertical learning session.  For me and the group of children that I was involved with it was a huge success!  Yr8’s were fantastic at reading my mind at the the next learning string, jumping in and adding their interpretation of a topic using child friendly speak, Yr5’s were enthusiastic and uninhibited.  Yr7’s were thoughtful and supportive.  Yr6’s were observant and reflective.  Their behaviour was exemplar. During the lesson summing up all students’ gained an increased awareness of how damaging and dreadful Racism is.The group put together some excellent ideas to create an “Oakfield Red Card Against Racism” awareness campaign.
Mrs Alyson Flynn                                                 (Head DT Food & Textiles/ ICT)