Vacancy – Buddies


JOB TITLE: BUDDIES (12 positions, 2 pupils from each Y5 tutor group)

JOB DESCRIPTION: Buddies are trained to support pupils in the playground, at playtime and lunchtime, with fostering friendships.  One of the major aspects of their role is to promote positive social times and help pupils with friendship issues.

SALARY: 2 smilies each week and break and lunchtime passes to ensure first in queue for the canteen.

Welcoming, kind and caring pupils who like to make new friends and make people smile!


Deadline: Monday 18/12/17.
Interviews: w/c Monday 15/12/17.

Start date: Immediately after training.

To apply:  Collect an Application form from Ms Evan-Bentley (5O).

A buddy programme can strengthen the school community and help to challenge stereotyped, misconceptions or fears that students hold about younger or older age groups.  A buddy system can also help students to feel valued and supported, teach important social skills and create a caring ethos in the school.  They can create connectedness that enables both older and younger buddies to bond more closely with their school, thereby increasing the likelihood of more positive social behaviour.  It has been suggested that when  students feel connected to their school, they also feel valued and safe and less likely to either bully or be bullied.  Buddy systems help reduce negative behaviours such as bullying.