Urgent Message

Due to the extreme conditions, the school site is currently experiencing flooding and heating failure.  Regrettably, we have decided to close the site while the situation is improved ready for business as usual tomorrow.  Pupils will not be allowed to leave the site unless we have received confirmation from you (earliest 10.30).  Please confirm with the pupil’s name, class and either ‘Home’, ‘Collect’ or ‘Stay’ to either: oakfieldacademy@educ.somerset.gov.uk or

schoolattendance@educ.somerset.gov.uk or by phone on (01373)462539/463832/472991.  Obviously we will answer calls as quickly as possible, please bear with us!  Bus pupils will be kept until 3pm unless you are able to collect sooner. Apologies and thank you for your support, you will appreciate this decision has not been taken lightly.