Teachers & Pupils visit China

10 students and 3 teachers from Oakfield Academy have been given the most amazing opportunity to visit Changsha in China for 12 days as part of the GYAP (Global Ambassador Youth Project). They have spent most of their day times in Yali Experimental Middle School working with Chinese Students, teachers and volunteers sharing their cultures and enjoying enriching and inspirational lessons planned by English and Chinese teachers. Evenings have been spent exploring the local area, markets and enjoying local cuisine. There have also been opportunities to visit a local museum as well as a day tour to the mountains. Our English students have excelled in their leadership, initiative, maturity and ability to communicate with people from a completely different culture. They have formed precious new lifelong friendships and will no doubt have memories that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.
The teachers have experienced so many 'magic moments' which have reminded them not only why they went into teaching in the first place but also why it is important that opportunities such as these are made possible.
"Where on earth do I begin to sum up what has been an incredible experience so rich in little scenarios that has reminded all of us why we are here, both as teachers and as students.......and of course as English folk experiencing the wonders of a different culture. We have been incredibly inspired by the leadership skills demonstrated by so many of our students. The joy and excitement on the faces of the Chinese students as they tested the strength of their bridges in our 'Bridge Building Challenge' is something that brought lumps to our throats! " (Ms Claire Parsons).
"Watching the Chinese students step out of their comfort zones, relax, think outside the box and embrace 'learning in a new way' has been so rewarding" (Miss Pip Nightingale).
"It is brilliant that you are immersing yourselves into the activities, having fun and supporting others. So proud of all of you. And, a huge thanks to all the teachers, you seem to have boundless energy and enthusiasm. Much appreciated." (Mrs L Verwey - parent).
"The mandarin classes with Olivia were AMAZING. I'm going to miss her SOOOO much" (Anna Shergold - Student).