Sustainability Day for Year 6

Every year 6 sets aside one day to focus on renewable energy and recycling. Oakfield wishes to thank this year’s visitors for giving up their time to help out.  Amongst them, Carymore Recycling Centre who brought their electricity generator bicycle.  Helen Kay and Peter McFaddyen from Sustainable Frome were also on hand in the Harmony Gardens to help pupils utilise our food waste compost and pot trees. The school also wishes to thank Lidl for kindly donating compost and bark chippings. Pupils from Trinity First School’s Year 4 Apple Core Group also visited that day to help plant trees into pots.


As every Year 6 child walked into school they buzzed with excitement and we all walked into class to see what was planned for the day.  We were excited by the activity timetable which included compost, apprentice, banners, football and bike power!

We headed to 6N where we were told all about compost and we made pots with cress seeds in them.  We then joined Mr Low as he had set us a challenge to design a product that would save resources such as water, electricity, anything that could help the environment.  My table made a supersonic sensor.  This would enable you to control the lights in the house from one box.

Next we made banners using old magazines and sweet wrappers.  After lunch we went to Mrs Harding’s classroom and made footballs with newspaper, plastic bags and string.  Finally we went to bike power, where we created a fan and you had to pedal on a bike which powered the fan.  I loved it so much—I want to do it again!!