Staff CPD Opportunities

Oakfield Academy aims to create a learning environment where all of its members can thrive and develop.We strongly believe that we all should be ‘Proud to Learn’ and that learning is a life-long journey.

Effort, determination and resilience can lead to positive outcomes for all of the Academy’s members, with our staff regularly take part in professionally developing themselves through in-house training, visiting other establishments or sharing via our participation in the Somerset Challenge. This again models to pupils that even teachers will want to improve their own learning to help facilitate the needs of their pupils. We regularly quality assure our professional development to ensure it meets the needs of the learning for our pupils and that our staff are able to utilise the skills they have acquired across the academy.

We encourage our staff to read around their profession and have a fully stocked professional development library alongside our own pupil’s library with a multitude of books relating to a variety of subjects including;

  • Evidenced based Learning
  • Cognitive approaches to learning
  • Building a Culture of Excellence
  • Visible learning and Meta-Cognition
  • Educational Psychology
  • Mindsets