Reggae Projects Year 8


Every year as part of their topic on Reggae music our year 8’s are given the opportunity to carry out their own independent research and produce a project on Reggae music.  They can work with friends if they wish and are encouraged to play to their strengths when choosing a presentation style. They are all given the same guidance in preparation for their projects, outlining what they need to include and ways they can demonstrate their learning. They are also inspired by generations of projects that have gone before (including older siblings!) which get donated to the music department and put on display.

The projects get more and more creative EVERY year and it’s always a privilege to see the hours of work (not to mention the pride) that goes into them.  This year has been no exception. We have seen some incredible creations from handmade drums to TV sets, record players , animations, power points, books, posters and sculptures. It has been incredibly difficult to choose winners. Many congratulations to all the students for their amazing efforts and especially to this year’s winners:- Melissa, Lottie,Tilly, and Ella who won ‘Best Overall Reggae Project’ as well as to Sophie and Violet who won ‘Most Artisitic Reggae Project’.

Ms C Parsons,
Head of