School Council at Oakfield

As a school we value the opinion of all our pupils.  To enable us to have an open channel of communication between the pupils and the staff we use school council representatives and class council representatives.
Each tutor group has two council representatives who are expected to liaise with their tutor groups and find out what their thoughts are about a wide range of topics within the school.  These pupils meet with their year heads and minutes are taken and sent to Ms Peat who compiles an agenda for the School Council meeting.
School Council comprises of two pupils from each year group who have been elected by their year council team.  They meet with Ms Peat and Mr Edwards who is one of our Governors.  Minutes are kept and shared with all staff and governors.
The council have been responsible for a variety of things being done around school (new Y6 play equipment for example) and they are actively involved in selecting one charity for us to support.




Pupils can become Prefects when they enter Year 8.  We have 20 prefects who are used as Ambassadors for the school as well as doing duties such as manning the Enrichment Centre in the mornings so that pupils can come in and do their Accelerated Reading tests and greeting parents for our parents evenings.  If you visit the school they will often be the ones to take you on a tour.  They have had to write a letter to their year head to explain what qualities they could bring to the role.
Being a Prefect is a responsible role that involves the pupils more actively in the in the school.