Green credentials

London trip for Green Futures ClubOakfield is mindful of its environmental impact and we re-use and recycle where possible.

Renewable Electricity:With funding from the Low Carbon Building Program and Somerset County Council we now convert sun energy into electricity using a 6KW Photo Voltaic system, now on a feed in tariff.  We have installed a readout display in our Enrichment Centre which measures the output of solar generated electricity as well as the financial & CO2 emissions savings we have made.

Electricity Generating Bicycle: Funding from the Oakfield Fundraisiers, Ecotricity and the Cooperative Community Fund have enabled us to buy an electricity generator from the US, which we think is a great way to teach children how they can create their own power.   The generator is a great favourite with pupils, who can use the bicycle to power an Academy iPad or laptop for live skype links to other schools, a smoothie maker at our orchard events or sound and light for our outdoor stage.

KS2 Sustainability week:  Year 6 hold a Sustainability Week each year and invite green technology experts and practitioners into school, to teach pupils about the challenges facing the environment and how we can adapt and help to create a sustainable future.

Supporting Community Sustainability: Oakfield recently promoted the campaign to extend the Colliers Way cycle path, a campaign run by Sustrans, Sustainable Frome and the Frome Town Council.   The cycle path runs for 23 miles, beginning above Bath and ending at Great Elm near Frome.  The campaign aims to connect Frome to the path, which will mean avoiding busy roads when cycling, as well as having the opportunity to see the path’s art pieces and linear orchard. Please visit the Sustrans website for more information.

Bikeability: Cycling proficiency courses from ‘Bikeability’ are run every year to encourage pupils to cycle to school.  The courses are provided by trained practitioners from Somerset County Council and rely on parent helpers in order to run. If you are interested in helping or simply wish to add your child’s name to the waiting list, please contact Ms Child at the Academy.

Recycling: A weekly kerb side collection takes away all our unwanted paper both from the office and from classrooms. We have a cardboard recycling bin and staff, where possible take plastic to the civic amenity site.   Food waste generated by our kitchen is recycled using a special food waste bin and our KS2 break classroom food waste and staff room waste is composted for the school gardens.

Gardens: we are now in our 7th year of organic gardening at the school.