Every Wednesday afternoon we suspend our usual timetable during lesson 5 so that pupils can benefit from visits from local professionals; who volunteer to visit Oakfield to talk to pupils about their careers or interests.

Enrichment follows a rota through the year groups and provides pupils with a choice of a wide range of activities including arts, sports and much more. Details by year group below.

Date Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8
24th April Tutor Activities   R&P 4 Non-religious views on life after death  
1st May


Super schools assembly 2.00pm Super schools assembly 2.00pm Super schools assembly 2.30pm Super schools assembly 2.30pm
8th May  



R&P PSHE 1 Friendship Enrichment
15th May Thinking/life skills Enrichment PSHE 2 Growing up Futures

Writing a CV


22nd May Enrichment


Thinking skills – apprentice

(SATS week)

PSHE 3 Boyfriends, girlfriends & feelings SEMH sessions
5th June R&P  Enterprise planning Enrichment


Thinking/Life Skills
12th June  

Thinking/Life Skills


Enterprise planning PSHE 4 Listening


19th June  



Thinking skills – apprentice


PSHE 5 Values Futures

How to plan a simple budget

26th June  

Arts Week



(Enterprise Week)

R&P 5

Evaluation of life after death

SEMH Sessions
3rd July  

Transfer day

Transfer day Transfer day Transfer day
10th July Futures – My life journey Futures – The jobs game           Futures/PSHE

How does money affect my feelings


Life without Stem


17TH July  

Praise Assembly/Tutor activities

Tutor activities/Praise Assembly Enrichment Tutor Activities