Physical Education

The PE curriculum aims to assist pupils to co-operate with others and work independently as they learn new skills, techniques and game strategies.

Our Specialist PE Team:  Mr Peter Fowler (Head of Department,) Mrs Alyson Coleman ( Teacher,) Miss Anna Pullen (Frome Learning Partnership Sports Coordinator - based at Oakfield.)

Our Year Group Curriculum Team Leaders: years 8 & 7 (KS3) Mrs Paula Royle and Mrs Kate Stewart. Years 5 & 6 (KS2) Ms Sian Spoerer.


Oakfield pupils benefit from extensive grounds, a school yard, a multi-games area, a gym and a main hall with which to compete and learn.



Kwik Cricket on the school yard:


Our Sky Sports Athlete Mentor Programme in the gym:

As well as offering a comprehensive range of sports and fixtures for boys and girls as part of the curriculum fixture programme, pupils also have the opportunity to join our sporting clubs which are listed on our club page under the parents header.