By participating in exciting and interactive experiments, Oakfield pupils are able to develop a keen scientific interest. 

Our Specialist Science Team: Mr Hugh Gough (Head of Science,) Ms Amy Sanders (Science Teacher,) Mrs Rachel Gardner (Key Stage 2 Science.)

Our Science Technicians: Mrs Helen Reynolds and Mrs Carol Stacey.

Our Year Group Curriculum Team Leaders: years 8 & 7 (KS3) Mrs Paula Royle and Mrs Kate Stewart. Years 5 & 6 (KS2) Ms Sian Spoerer.


Based in two large laboratories, pupils learn how to be scientists: predicting, observing, measuring, analysing and evaluating.

For KS2 scientists, Oakfield invites: the Space Dome to visit the academy every year, to introduce astronomy to pupils.  We also host an annual performance from the Kinetic Science Show which is a drama performance that teaches science concepts. We also organise a yearly trip to the Bristol Science Show at @bristol.  Science shows have the wow factor and show what you can do with everyday objects in science. On their visits, pupils are able to enjoy lots of demonstrations and hands on stuff.

Year 5 also have Forensic science day where they have to solve a crime using the clues and their knowledge of science.

Sending our Science Experiments to Mars with the UK Space Agency: Click here to read more

Year 7 study forensics: Chris Morgan, a professional crime scene investigator from the Somerset and Avon Police Force, came in to talk to pupils about crime scenes. The pupils were keen to talk to Chris about their findings and look at her forensics equipment as well as hear about Chris’s crime scene stories!

What does magnesium do when you heat it?    

Pupils follows the WIKID Science Course: from the Centre of Science Education and the Association for Science Education, which is supported by the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) agenda. Which is, 'to create a world class curriculum that inspires and challenges all learners.'