Oakfield Academy is very proud of its strong musical tradition. The music curriculum aims to provide all of our pupils with a rich expanse of music in all of its forms as well as to enable our pupils to develop an enduring love of music.

Our Specialist Music Teacher: Ms Claire Parsons (Head of Performing Arts.)

KS2 Music Teachers : Ms K Bryan & Mrs Kathy Pinches.

There are many opportunities for pupils to experience the trill of performing in a variety of different contexts as well as learn how to work in the technical side of a performance. We understand that all our pupils are different and therefore it’s important that they are given every chance to find their ‘thing’ be it performing in front of an audience, learning how to operate sound equipment, singing in a choir, leading a music club, song writing or playing as part of a band.










There are also many other opportunities provided throughout the year where pupils can work with professional musicians (SONS OF PITCHES & BRAZILIAN SAMBA) take part in collaborative projects (THE BIG SING) or enjoy professional performances (LONDON THEATRE TRIPS).

Jackdaws Summer Picnic

Talented musicians from year 7 and 8 along with many other musical pupils from local schools attended the Jackdaws annual summer music picnic on Friday 28th June. It was a beautiful day of sunshine and wonderful musical performances. Our Oakfield Academy students ‘wowed’ everybody with their heartfelt singing along with some inspiring instrumental recitals on flute and piano. This was all followed by a picnic in the garden where all the pupils had the opportunity to get to know one another and share even more songs in a relaxed and friendly setting. Thank you once again to Jackdaws for inviting us to this fantastic event and congratulations to Edie Ray, Lily Pang, Willow Pincombe and Emily Taylor for their memorable performances.

Peripatetic Music Tuition:  Pupils also have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of musical instruments and take part in numerous live performances, both in and out of school. Please download our Waiting list form. Forms are also available from the school office.

Year 8 Wall and memories 

Schools Big Sing

Examples of lessons & work :-

Year 8 Reggae Projects    Once again Ms Parsons is overwhelmed by the amazing effort made by our year 8 pupils on their 2019 Reggae projects. This year for the first time pupils have even baked cakes (is this maybe a ploy to gain extra marks we wonder haha) and these have been thoroughly enjoyed! As well as cakes we have had remarkable paintings and posters, clay models, home made musical instruments, record players and laptops, little birds, power points, vintage record players and vinyl, board games and so much more. The job of choosing winners is going to be incredibly tough. Once again there will prizes for ‘most artistic’ designs as well as best projects over all. Winners will be announced in a future edition of our Newsletter as well as posted onto the Website. Congratulations year 8.



Music curriculum overview – all year groups

Reggae project info being updated

Year 8 Reggae Project being updated