Modern foreign languages

Pupils develop their French and Spanish language skills at Oakfield and at the same time learn to respect and embrace different cultures.  Our dynamic MFL Department, which benefits from having two native speakers (in both French & Spanish), uses a variety of innovative teaching styles including: role play, interactive and engaging e-resources, videos and songs. Our Specialist Modern Foreign Languages Team: Mrs Hall (Head of Modern Languages/KS2&3),  Miss Abadia (KS2&3) & Mrs Pegler (Year 5). Our Year Group Curriculum Team Leaders: Mrs Stewart (KS3) & Mrs Cross (KS2).


 Spelling BeeSPELLING BEE 

The aim of the Spelling Bee is for Year 7 students to practise and improve their vocabulary, spellings, pronunciation and memory skills in the target language (French or Spanish).  When participating, students will be given one minute to correctly spell as many words as possible. This event is sponsored by the European Commission and Vocab express. As Silver & Bronze winners in the Spanish category of the regional finals in April 2017, Melissa Verwey & Jacob Roberts earned their place at the National Finals of the 2017 Foreign Languages Spelling Bee Competition in Cambridge.  Our students worked extremely hard throughout the year to reach this level and we are extremely proud of their achievement.


Translating Bee is a competition for students in Year 8 to build on the work they did in Year 7 with the Routes into Languages National Spelling Bee practising and improving their vocabulary, spelling and memory skills in a foreign language (French or Spanish). It meets the demand from pupils and their teachers for a project providing a sense of progression by building on the requirements of the new KS3 curriculum, with its emphasis on translation and grammatical manipulation etc., helping students to practise and improve a range of skills vital to preparation for starting a GCSE course: vocabulary, pronunciation, memory, verb conjugation, tenses and sentence formation.


Each year in July, Year 7 students take part in International Day ,for a day in a variety of workshops including craft, games, cooking/food tasting, and art workshops all geared at improving their cultural understanding of the Country chosen.  The canteen usually serves traditional tasty treats at break time and Oakfield students also take part in a Fancy Dress Competition.  So much fun to be had by all!!!

July 2018 – we held Mexican Day- Pupils Testimonals

We took part in a day where we could dress up as characters/people from Mexico or we could dress up as they do on the ‘Day of the Dead’.  It was a very lovely day during which we explored the Mexican culture and beliefs.  We started the day by watching the Disney film ‘Coco’ that was based on the Day of the Dead celebrations.  On this Mexican themed day, we took part in many workshops (craft: masks & flower making, singing and playing instruments as well as a challenging geography quiz).  We really appreciated this day as it was really fun.  Gracias!

By Willow P., Libby N, Emily T & Ellie W (8O).

International day was a blast of excitement, colourfulness and general happiness.  We all watched the beautiful film ‘Coco’, all about el Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  We also participated in a geographical quiz about Mexico.  All Year 7 students sang songs form ‘Coco’ and made masks.  We came to school in the colours of the Mexican flag or dressed as a famous Mexican person.  I really enjoyed the day and I hope the school decide to organise similar days again.

By Reuben D-B

The College Pierre Dubois from Laval, France visits Oakfield Academy

The visit of 16 French Students this November had 2 main objectives:

– The first one was linguistic. By immersion, Mr Aubineau (English teacher at the Collège Pierre Dubois) wanted his students to practise both their understanding and speaking skills.

– The second objective was cultural. A visit to England has enabled them to challenge clichés and stereotypes and to enjoy our beautiful heritage sites.

As one of their tasks, the French students will also have to reflect on their identity as a global citizen.

Tilly Kempshall  & Lottie Seviour (both Prefects) wrote about their experience:

‘This week, we have been visited by a group of French students.  It was a great opportunity for them to learn more English and for us to learn new experiences from them.  We enjoyed helping them participate in some of our lessons and being able to learn more about the French Education System ourselves.  We loved having them over and we hope they also had a great time at the Academy.’



Our language leaders are a group of more able linguists who 

  • Run a lunchtime club to support their peers in Year 7 students with practising their Spelling Bee words;
  • Support the MFL department teachers in some of their Year 5 and 6 French & Spanish lessons;
  • Attend an after-school club to plan cultural quizzes for KS2 pupils as well as a Languages Day for one of our first schools.