In Oakfield Math's lessons all students are challenged to aim beyond their own targets. Our Specialist Maths Team:   Mr Andrew Stephenson, Miss Alison Mander & Miss Charlotte Penny (Maths Teachers) Our Year Group Curriculum Team Leaders: years 8 & 7 (KS3) Mrs Paula Royle and Mrs Kate Stewart. Years 5 & 6 (KS2) Ms Sian Spoerer. To find out what is happening in Maths lessons check our Twitter feed:@oakfieldMaths'. Oakfield achieves good results in maths: where pupils learn to solve puzzles and problems, communicate, work in teams and use maths in their daily lives. National UKMT Maths Challenge: KS3 pupils took part in this years challenge. UKMT Maths Challenge 2016 Pupils have fun learning Algebra:   Key stage 3 maths lessons at Oakfield follow the new National Curriculum, and aim to provide a valuable link between KS3 & GCSE study.
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