Our History curriculum transports us back through time, from Ancient Greece to the intrigue of the 20th Century.

Our Specialist Humanities Team: Mr David McGrath (Head of Humanities, SLT Teaching & Learning) Mr Reynolds (History Teacher,) Year 5 teaching staff.

Our Year Group Curriculum Team Leaders:

Years 8 & 7 (KS3) Mrs Kate Stewart. Years 5 & 6 (KS2) Mrs Catrina Cross.

History provision at Oakfield covers a range of topics using both traditional and modern learning methods.

Topics: Year 5: Tudor Monarchs & Ancient Chinese/ Year 6: Ancient Greeks & World War 2/ Year 7: Historical Enquiry, Ancient Civilizations, Medieval Times, Invention & Innovation/ Year 8: Reformation of the Churches, English Civil War, The Slave Triangle & Civil Rights Movements, World War 1 and Comparison of life in the 20th century.

World War 1  & 2


Visit to the Roman Baths, Bath: with our french partner school as a cross curricular activity.