Fair Frome Food Bank – Oakfield Academy



Frome is seeing increased demand at the food bank, which struggles to keep supplies topped up. If anyone can consider donating a spare tin from their weekly shop, that would be much appreciated by Fair Frome. During the last 6 months 326 grocery parcels were issued to 759 people who are undergoing periods of financial crisis. Please see www.fairfrome.org for further information.


FOOD BANK LIST—these items are the items Fair Frome rely on:- Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Cereal, UHT Milk, Chocolate/Sweets, Instant Noodles, Sanitary Towels, Tinned Fish, Rice, Tinned Meat, Tinned Veg, Tinned snacks (beans, macaroni, ravioli, spaghetti), Savoury Rice, Baby care items (eg nappies/wipes), Packets of Pasta, Jars of Pasta Sauces, Tinned/Instant Mashed Potato, Cereal Bars, Fruit Squash, Tinned Tomatoes, Jam, Tinned Custard, Jars of Savoury Sauces, Tinned Fruit, Tinned Milk Puddings, Biscuits.



Pokémon Event- Sucess

Oakfield Academy Fundraisers would like to thank the Extra Life Video Game Bar in Badcox for the fabulous prizes they donated to us for our Pokémon event which was held at the Academy on 19.5.17 after school. The pupils joined in swap zones, battle bases and tournaments or watched Pokémon episodes on the big screen on the stage. In total this raised a wonderful £296 for the fundraisers and will be added to the current project fund which is to refurbish to pupils toilets.

SEND Parent Forum

We will be hosting a SEND parent forum on Wednesday 28th June from 4 pm to 5.30 pm.

The focus will be transition and Oakfield's marking policy, current parents and new year 4 parents are invited to attend.

Year 6 Cake Sale

Year 6 will be holding a cake sale at break time on Thursday 25th May to raise money for Year 6 activities.        

KS3 Exam week – Homework clubs

Please note that week commencing 22.5.17 there will not be any homework clubs running for KS3 pupils due to exams taking place.

Christmas Stamp-Royal Mail Competition- Update

Update on Ted's progress He is now the South West winner of the Royal Mail Christmas Stamp competition. He is now down to the final 22 out of 205,00 entries across the whole of Great Britain. The Prince of Wales himself is choosing the two winners ( for the 1st  and 2nd class stamps) As a finalist Ted has won £500 for himself and £500 for the school. Well done Ted this is absolutely fantastic.   In January the whole of KS2 were given the challenge  to design a Christmas Stamp for the Royal mail Christmas Stamp completion. The two winners will have their stamp design used on the 2017 Christmas stamps. Out of more than 205,000 entries from across the country, there were 120 finalists and we are delighted to say that Ted Lewis-Clark in year 6 has made it to the finals in the South West category. He is now in the running to win the regional final ( and £500 for himself and £500 for the school) and hopefully the grand final (Stamp produced to go on sale and a £1000 prize). The standard of artwork from our KS2 pupils alone was outstanding but to become a finalist in a nationwide completion is indeed an achievement. We will keep you posted regarding the final outcome at the end of June. Well done Ted.  

Attendance Letters

Please note that all future individual parent letters regarding attendance issues including term time leave, will be sent to parent cares via email.  As this will gradually become the preferred method of communication from Oakfield Academy, we would ask that all parents inform the office of any change or update of personal contact details.

Attending P.E Lessons

Dear Parents,
We would like to thank you for your support with our drive to increase participation in PE which was introduced last year. To confirm, if there are activities that your child is unable to take part in due to an injury, illness or medical condition, we will make alternative provision; such as asking the pupil to join the other PE group doing a different activity, or to participate in parts of the lesson where they are able to. If your son/daughter is ill or injured and may not be able to participate in every aspect of the lesson, please send us a note – but they must still bring in their PE kit! The final decision on how a pupil will participate in the PE lesson will be decided by the PE teacher, unless your child has been excused by their doctor. It is essential that pupils bring in their PE kit to change for all PE lessons. This means we can involve all pupils in PE, whenever possible. PE lessons are a statutory part of the National Curriculum and we would like to see all pupils participating… there are lots of roles associated with PE that they may still be able to take part in. At Oakfield, we would like our pupils to leave us with an enjoyment of PE and sport, and an understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including participating in PE and sport. Information about our current PE kit can be found in your child’s journal, and it is also listed on our website. If your child is unable to bring their PE kit or part of their kit to their lessons, please write a note in their journal so we can lend them kit without stamping their journal with a ‘No PE kit’ stamp. We have seen a great increase in pupils participating in PE lessons and appreciate your support with this. Thank you in anticipation of your continued support.