Michael Peacock

Michael Peacock

Michael Peacock

Trinity First School / Oakfield School / Frome Community College

I enjoyed my time at Oakfield and made some good friends there.  I was encouraged to work hard by the merit system and always strived to do my best.  I wanted to be the star pupil or get on the role of honour!  At Oakfield you get an introduction to new subjects and build your knowledge in different areas.  My favourite teacher was Mr Davies.  He made us laugh and made history interesting.  Miss Parsons always cared about her students and she put me forward for a music workshop at Jackdaws which was great.  Miss Barratt inspired me and encouraged me in my art.  When I was in year 8, she predicted I would get A* in GCSE Art, and I did!  I also remember Charterhouse very well – all the boys crowding round the TV with Mr Lewis to watch England play in Euro 2004.

I completed my A levels at Frome College, went on to do an Art Foundation course in Bath and a degree in Graphic Design at University College Falmouth. I graduated with a 2:1 in July 2013 and now I work for brand design consultancy, Dew Gibbons, in London.

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