Literacy Specialist , Tony Dallas visits Oakfield

On Tuesday 16th April Tony Dallas, a storyteller and writer, came into Oakfield to work with a number of year 4 and 5 pupils. The pupils had fun playing games and drama activities, which then led to a focus on reading. Tony was a real inspiration in the KS2 assembly, where he told an interactive story, involving all the children and teachers. The visit was organised by the company RIO, which have set up the Snapshot website ( a site where pupils can view work from other schools in the local area). RIO are on a mission to encourage all children to read and with Tony’s help the year 5 pupils will soon be championing a book they have chosen from the workshop. Year 5 and 6 pupils will choose a book, read it and then prove they have read it by answering a number of questions. The votes will be collated and the most read book will win. The votes will be displayed on the Snapshot website for all to see across the local schools.