Laura Didymus – Natural Sciences Graduate

St. John’s First School / Oakfield School / Frome Community College.

I very much enjoyed my time at Oakfield, both academic and extra-curricular. While my favourite subjects were PE, science and maths, I mainly took part in sports outside of the main school hours. I was able to try many new sports at Oakfield – Golf, Rock-It-Ball, and Tag Rugby – as well as develop my skills in my main sport of football, and other sports including basketball and hockey. This allowed me to build the confidence to go on to play for Frome Town Ladies when I started A levels at Frome College. As well as taking part in sport I also began learning the drums at Oakfield. This led me to become part of the percussion group ‘Shotgun Marimba’ at College, which I really enjoyed, and I performed at ‘Later… With Frome Community College’ as part of this group.

At College, I studied Maths, Biology and Chemistry at A level, and Further Maths at AS level, and I am currently at the University of Cambridge going into the third year of my Natural Sciences degree. This year I am specialising in psychology, with the hope of becoming a clinical psychologist later in life.