Knife Crime Workshop


A group of Year 8 students recently participated in a workshop that was delivered by the police as part of the national initiative to raise awareness about the devastating effect of knife crime.
In the session they were asked to think about and discuss their thoughts about why people would carry knives, whether people should carry knives and what the effects of knife crime would be.
The session was very interactive and the pupils were keen to contribute and offered some very good answers to the questions raised.  They went away with lots of ideas on how they should share the information with their peers.
The police are keen to spread the message about knife crime and its effects and feel that the key to stem the use of knives in society is through education.
This week there have been other things happening locally, such as a residents being asked to surrender knives without recriminations.  The police officers in attendance were Sergeant Rachel Clark and  Police Constable Matt Thomas.