Julie Ford – Nurse

Trinity First School / Oakfield School / Frome Community College.


Oakfield definitely prepared me for Frome Community College and gave me an insight into a variety of subjects, helping me to decide what GCSEs to take. I went on to take Food Technology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, History, PE, Statistics, English and Maths GCSEs. Oakfield is where my love for science began where I then went on to achieve As and B’s at GCSE science. I also loved Food Technology at Oakfield which led to me cooking more and more at home. I took GCSE Food Technology and achieved an A. I continue to cook and love to experiment with new flavours.


My most favourable memory of Oakfield was going to Charterhouse where we took part in caving and Osmington Bay where we went on boats and tried out abseiling. Friendships grew throughout the years and the teachers were always there to listen. Mr Gough, my year seven and eight tutor, always made us laugh – a great start to any day!


I went on to study my GCSEs and A-levels at Frome Community College and studied Health and Social Care Level 3 at Bath College. I am now at Swansea University studying Children’s Nursing.