Interform Games Wednesday 9th November 2016.

Wednesday 9th November – All pupils Interform Games

Whole year groups will take part in an hour of competitive sport with each tutor group competing against each other and will cover a range of both single sex and mixed sports. All pupils will need their P.E kits.

The plan of day is as follows –

Year 5 – 8.45 to 10.00 pupils are to wear their P.E kits to school and change into uniform at breaktime.
Year 6 – 11.15 to 12.15 pupils are to change into P.E kits at break time & back into uniform afterwards.
Year 7 – 1.45 to 3.00 pupils are to change into P.E kits at lunchtime-these pupils can wear their P.E kit home.
Year 8 – 10.00 to 11.00 pupils are to change into P.E kits at 9.45 am and then into uniform afterwards.

As well as the obvious physical benefits of additional exercise, pupils will also have the opportunity to use and improve skills such as Perseverance, determination, cooperation and resilience to name just a few! Pupils will also be asked to adhere to the Oakfield Inter-form Games ethos of

Teamwork Respect Enjoyment Discipline Sportsmanship