HOMEWORK: Key Stage 2

The weekly time allocation for your homework is as follows:

Minimum of 10 spellings
25 minutes English Monday
25 minutes Maths Tuesday
25 minutes English Wednesday
25 minutes Maths  Friday
Minimum of 10 spellings
30 minutes English Monday
30 minutes Maths Tuesday
30 minutes English Wednesday
30 minutes – Maths Friday

In addition we expect all pupils to read at home at least three times a week.


KS2 Homework Club operates on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until 4pm. If you would like your child to attend homework club, please ask your child’s Tutor for a permission letter.

Please let the Academy know if your child will not be attending any individual session.

If a child has spent the allocated homework time but has not completed the task, parents may sign in the journal against the specific homework to indicate this.

Failure to keep homework deadlines will have consequences.

CATCH UP:If work is not completed within a set time teachers may request that pupils attend lunch time sessions to catch up.

Key Stage 3 Homework Guidance

English and Maths homework are set regularly, with one English homework and one Maths homework per week. They will be set on the timetabled days of those lessons. All pupils are expected to read for 20-30 minutes a day as part of the Accelerated Reading Programme.

Modern Foreign Languages is set once a week by the subject teacher.

DT homework is set on alternate weeks by the subject teacher.

All other subjects (excluding PSHE, PE & R&P) will set homework that challenges prior and post learning opportunities, personalised to the pupils in question. This may be once a week, or be part of a longer term learning project set by the subject teacher. Pupils are expected to spend a maximum of 30 minutes per subject per night.