In Key Stage 3 our more able students will be given homework booklets which will encourage independent learning.  These homework books have been developed with the principle of developing independence – independent thinking, learning and coping.

The booklets are intended to enable a shift in responsibility for learning from the teacher to the student.  This is a gradual process with scaffolding in place: each task is explored and discussed in the classroom before your child comes home and works on the task independently.

We hope that the booklet helps develop higher thinking skills such as: curiosity, passion, inspiration, discernment, self-motivation, self-examination, accountability, critical thinking and persistence. It will also develop the ability of the pupil to know when they need support.

The homework books are not close marked for spelling, punctuation or grammar, or marked right or wrong.  They are intended to enrich and inspire scholarship around the subject and engage with ideas that we are unable to fit into the core curriculum.

Students who need more structured and supported homework will have booklets which will help the students practice key comprehension and proof reading skills.  They will be marked in a variety of ways including: teacher, peer or self assessment.

When the booklet is completed the students will be rewarded for their independent learning skills through our Homework Booklet Awards.

In Key Stage 2 we have a cohesive and differentiated programme for spelling through our Spelling Homework booklets.

Most of our students will be studying their spelling in through the explicit teaching of morphemes. This is a proven method to improve not only spelling confidence and ability but also have a significant effect on vocabulary growth.  The weekly spelling lists will have either a phonic or morpheme theme which will be discussed in lessons previous to the homework being set.

Students who need further support will be given spelling activities based on the Nelson spelling programme.  Nelson Spelling covers all the essential spelling patterns and rules and differentiated at three levels.

Our dyslexic students are encouraged to learn the same spellings as their peers with teacher led support and adjustments.

Y5&6 Spelling H/W Help

Y7 H/W examples

Yr 8 H/W Examples 1

Yr 8 H/W Examples 2