Christopher White


Trinity First School / Oakfield School / Norton Hill


Oakfield was a short time of my life but during it I truly found those who would stick with me throughout everything, I knew that the deep friendships I made in those years were as true as could be. During the time I was there I learnt that I would be able to overcome any obstacles I set my mind to in my future.


After my A levels, I began an apprenticeship in Bath, to learn how to be a hairdresser. I found my love for men’s grooming and moved to study at London School of Barbering. Just under a year after becoming qualified I studied to become a master barber where I was approached to help set up a new men’s salon in a city called Bodø, in northern Norway. I am a long way from home but I love my job and I have made many new friends – I’m even in the process of learning Norwegian!


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