Author Joanna Nadin visits year 5 pupils


Oakfield pupils were delighted to meet Joanna Nadin recently in the school library and listen to her speak on how she has been inspired as a writer.

Pupils in Year 5 have been reading Flying Fergus, a series of books about a boy and his bike. The series has been co-written by Sir Chris Hoy and Joanna Nadin.

The Flying Fergus series is about eight-year-old Fergus, who desperately wants a bike for his ninth birthday. The bike he wants is too expensive so he inherits his Dad’s old rusty bike instead. However, when he takes it to the park he discovers there may be more to that bike than meets the eye…..

This formed part of the transitional work from Year 4 into Year 5 and the pupils had great fun creating a 3D display about Fergus’s adventures to complete the topic.