Annual Master Chef Competition- Years 7 & 8

The annual Master Chef Competition is taking place again this year and pupils who have expressed an interest to take part have been given letter.

This will entail them choosing a menu for a celebratory High Tea, perhaps because of the birth of Princess Charlotte.  They will need to plan and cook two courses (starter and main course or main course and dessert) with a drink that would be fitting for this type of celebration.

Round 1 is the time for them to research and plan what they want to do.  They will need to produce an A3 sheet that shows the outline menu, how they intend to present the food (lay the table), and some additional information about their ingredients i.e. seasonal foods, local produce.  They will also need to explain why they have chosen that particular meal.  This needs to be handed into Mrs Nightingale by Monday 22nd June.  The sheets will be judged and successful ”Chefs” will then be invited to cook and present their meal on Tuesday 7th July.

It is hoped that the successful chefs will have practiced their meal and presentation at home to ensure that they can complete the food preparation within the 2 hours allowed.  To help them they are allowed to choose one helper for the day.  They will also have to provide their own ingredients.  Also a list of equipment will need to be provided well in advance to allow our technician time to set up their work spaces for them.

Master Chef has been run for several years now and the standard of food gets better every year.  The pupils who take part always excel and the food is always delicious.  We hope that your son/daughter is successful in this competition.